What’s your recommended menu? What’s the most favorite one? Two questions are frequently asked by our customers here at Mediterranea Restaurant by Kamil!

We definitely think those are tough questions for us to answer. Yet, let us help you with some of our best selling items throughout the year at our restaurant, they are:
–          Duck Leg and Wing Confit served with Potato Gratine 
–          Rib Eye Steak
–          Duck Magret (Duck Breast served with Risotto)
–          Pan Salmon Seared
–          Barramundi Pan Seared
In this edition, we will talk about Duck Confit!


Has anyone of you got the clue, what the Duck Confit means?! Duck Confit is a traditional French cuisine, which is normally called “Confit de Canard”. The word Confit itself (pronounce: Kon Fi) is referring to the process of how to cook duck meat which is using the slow cook technique. The slow cook technique along with the fat helps the duck meat cook perfectly.

At Mediterranea Restaurant, we serve one portion of Duck Confit that is included the duck leg and wing, side dish options (potato gratine or potato sauté), one portion of homemade mushroom sauce, and vegetable sauté.


The good news is The Duck Confit is always available every day at our restaurant since this is one of our regular menus on our main course list. The Duck Confit is always served definitely every day. Our main course is served daily starting at 11 AM, while at 08.30 AM t0 10.30 AM we only serve breakfast menu.


We bet most of you have heard about Potato Saute and Potato Gratine. We are here to give you some facts about these two famous side dishes, that is normally served along with our Duck Confit. 

Potato Saute is a thinly sliced potato that is fried with garlic, salt, and pepper to make it a little more tasteful. Yet, Potato Gratine is a thinly sliced potato that is baked with cream sauce and cheese in an oven.

Find your satisfaction with these two potatoes (either the creamy potato or potato sauté) which are perfectly matched with our crunchy Duck Confit as a side dish.

Not a fan of potatoes? We’ve got you sorted it out! You can pick our delectable crispy rice as a side dish. 

Because of Chef Kamil’s creativity, he has slightly customized the Duck Confit’s side dish without leaving its authenticity. In France, The Duck Confit is usually served with lentils. 

The Duck Confit is available for dine-in, delivery, or even takeaway!


We have been receiving so many inquiries if we can deliver the Duck Confit to other cities. Yes, we hear you! We can deliver the Duck Confit to some cities such as Semarang, Solo, Salatiga, and Cilacap provided by Paxel Delivery Service or by travel bus. We will inform you if we add more cities to the list!


The Duck Confit is a traditional dish in France known for centuries. AS Chef Kamil is very into the traditional French cuisines, since the day he began his career, he has been passionately learning about The Duck Confit and its traditional recipe.

Since Chef Kamil has been learning the French traditional cuisines for ages, he serves The Duck Confit by using the same recipes to keep the original taste without leaving the signature taste of French cuisines. Surprisingly, everyone loves how the taste is!

As additional information, at Mediterranea Restaurant our dishes are MSG Free and only use sunflower oil or olive oil to cook.

So, have you experienced our Duck Confit? Share with us!

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